El diablo tranquilo - Punta del Diablo, Rocha, Uruguay

Combining our surplus of energetic and good-hearted personnel during low season and the generosity and interest of the thousands of guests that pass through every year we at El Diablo Tranquilo are taking on the challenge of establishing sustainable small businesses through charitable projects. This undertaking aims to provide the opportunity for a committed candidate to improve their quality of life through their own effort and actions, by contributing our time, knowledge, and capital.

Each project consists of two initial phases, a selection process of 8 weeks followed by a 12 week training and implementation stage. The goal of the selection process is to identify a candidate who has the necessary commitment and desire to take control of their own lives and to create a business model on the opportunities provided in their immediate surroundings. We then set about establishing the business which can become the context for a new self-determining lifestyle. With the modest goal of a US $500 per month net revenue (about US $15 per day) delivered through use of capital provided debt free through our charity fund, we believe that any life can be changed by combining the responsibility of the candidate with our local experience, exposure to open and competitive markets, willingness to invest ourselves fully, and most of all the firm belief that each and every person is capable of shaping their own environment and living the life that they imagine.

After those 5+ months, we will continue to provide support and contact, ensuring that the results are positive for the family and the community around them. Even going so far as to entice business growth by transferring titles of capital purchased through the fund only when a total of three adults are employed by the emerging business. We want to ensure long-term gain and create a constructive and rewarding mindset for all of those involved.

We are kindly asking for a $2 contribution towards our charity, ‘The Teach A Man to Fish Initiative.’ Your generosity enables us to put into practice and the simple idea that giving is most valuable when combined with teaching. Together with the resources pooled by all of our guests, our time helps create something not only positive but lasting. All funds from the donations are split right down the middle, 50% to provide the lodging and travel expenses for the El Diablo Tranquilo team who will be leading the project, and 50% for initial start-up capital for the business itself. When you check out of the hostel, you can opt out of the payment or even choose to donate a larger amount. It is totally up to you, just let us know!
Thank you so much for helping make this possible and we look forward to sharing our stories of success with you in the future. If you have any more questions let us know!

Thank you!


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