El diablo tranquilo - Punta del Diablo, Rocha, Uruguay


Hostel guest or not, we want to make sure your time in Punta del Diablo is memorable. Stop by reception to sign up for one of our many activities.

Hit the Waves

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We have wet suits and surf boards available for rent. Never surfed before?No problem! Our surf instructor Santiago would be happy to take you out and teach you all you need to know about surfing. Feeling adventurous? That’s what we like to hear. Get some friends together and arrange a surf trip day tour to one or many of the beaches surrounding Punta del Diablo including Playa Riviero, Playa Viuda, Playa Grande, Fortaleza, Santa Teresa, Cabo Polonio and El Bosque de Ombues.

Explore the Park

Let Fabian guide you on horseback through Santa Teresa National Park. Never been riding? It’s okay! Many of our guests have been first-time riders, and they still have a blast. Enjoy the sights on and off the beaten path on a 5 hour day tour, or a 3.5 hour sunset ride, complete with wine and snacks. On your way back, hold on tight as you end your tour with a gallop on the beach.

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  • Karumbe

Karumbé (”turtle” in guaraní language) is a group of young students, biologists, vets, teachers and researchers who joined together back in 1999 with the focus of preserving the marine resources in Uruguay. We invite you to come visit this place located at Coronilla beach, in Rocha/Uruguay. After the visit we stop for lunch at “PARADOR”, a family restaurant located right at the beach, which offers a menu with many options to pick from, especially sea food, accompanied with delicious sauces. Come join us!!!

La Laguna Negra

Laguna Negra (also called ‘Laguna de Difuntos’) is surrounded by trees, various types of birds and mammals. The water is great for skin since its filled with minerals, what makes the water look black. It’s possible to access the Biological Reserve of ‘Potrerillo de Santa Teresa’ by boat, a protected area where you can appreciate nature in it’s most natural state. This allows for a great diversity of species to procreate, offering a great opportunity to help develop scientific research. We welcome you to join us in this beautiful place, where we’ll surely share a great time. This activity begins at 10 am and it includes a guided tour through the lake on a boat and lunch afterwards!

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La Casa Mágica

  • MagicHouse

Around 15 years ago the plastic artist José Bentancor came to Punta del Diablo with his family to build their home in the woods. From the first moment, they knew they wanted it to be unique so they focused into applying their art in the decoration and created architecture. After years of dedication they created completely functional decorations where everything has a purpose. Come visit this unique house that will blow your mind! The experience will give you something to talk about for a while!

Santa Teresa

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Things To Do
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